LaVale Civic Improvement Association, Inc.
William Kight, President - Wayne Foster, First V-P - Brad Metzger, Second V-P - 
	Dorothy Kight, Treasurer - Tina Midgarden, Secretary - Dan Rose, Webmaster
Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting the home page of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association. The purpose of this site is to assist in informing and uniting all LaVale residents. Here, you'll find community links, discussion boards, local information, and current activities.

Any and all comments are welcome.

Your ideas, talents, and participation will help to Build a Better Life in LaVale.
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Thank you, Antoinette Royster, for providing the new LaVale parks image slideshow on the Images page of this site!

Elections were held on Monday, April 22nd.  New officers are
William Kight - President
Wayne Foster - First Vice-President
Brad Metzger - Second Vice-President
Dorothy Kight - Treasurer
Tina Midgarden - Secretary
(See Images link for photos and article about retired officers.)

2019 - Upcoming Meetings (see also Calendar page for details)
November 25 Mon 7:00 p.m. Christ Lutheran Church Combined Meeting
All meetings are open to residents.

bullet    Web Site Overview    bullet

bullet For a short introduction to the LaVale Civic Association follow the About link on the left.

bullet Projects leads to links for Accomplishments, Ongoing Responsibilities, and
Current Activities .

bullet A quick view of meeting places and dates can be found through the Calendar.
Please, feel free to use the Contact page to make comments or suggestions.

bullet The Links page is intended to be a comprehensive resource listing all LaVale organizations.

bullet The Solutions page is intended to assist us in identifying persistent problems and possible solutions.

bullet The Images page is intended to display the beauty of our community. Captions still need to be written and any assistance would be appreciated.

bullet To subscribe to our mailing list, email lcia21502@gmail.com with the word Subscribe in the subject area

The LaVale Civic Improvement Association

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